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I love writing because I'm actually terrible at verbal communication. I stutter, I panic, I get self conscious about my accent, all of which is a terrible admission to make for someone who works in marketing. But writing always offers the possibility of editing, and it's almost always an act of exploring.

I don't have an extensive portfolio of work, but you can find here reviews I've written as well as articles I've published.

Recently published

How can theatres better support their Muslim staff and audiences during Ramadan? (1st April 2022)

The Stage

Syndicated interview - Leeds Playhouse

Programme articles

I once had a manager who used to pour scorn over programmes (although, I did sympathise to some extent, they are a hassle to assemble, and as the marketing assistant it was always my job to co-ordinate content, commission editorial pieces, work with the design company etc etc). But programmes are great, and people do buy them and people do read them. They're never going to be huge money spinners, but some things are worth doing regardless for profit. And yes, a lot of people don't necessarily read the content inside, but most people barely read at all nowadays. Anyway, please see some samples below of my work

Article for Opera North's programme of West Side Story (part 1)

Article for Opera North's programme of West Side Story (part 2)

Article for Leeds Playhouse production of random


I've been really privileged to work in the theatre industry - it means I've saved possibly in the region of £100s on theatre tickets, but I've also been able to review work as well, which is a total joy. Again, see above

Click here to read my portfolio of work for A Younger Theatre. I wrote somewhere in the region of 18 articles for AYT, which you can find here. There's a wide variety of genres I explored from theatre to opera and dance.

Critics of Colour

I got to go to Edinburgh(!) and write reviews for Critics of Colour. Here's a sample of what I saw

The Gryphon

Student journalism is amazing. Honest admission - I got into it because I used to love watching the Gilmore Girls and those scenes were always so dramatic and compelling. And uni student journalism is dramatic. We once had a guy from the Socialist Workers Party storm in and accuse us of being racist because we published an article about the Beeston Bus Stop rapist and we happened to publish a picture of him alongside the article (he looked visibly non-white). We had arguments about Syria. We reported on the November 2015 attacks. The election of Jeremy Corbyn and his visit to Leeds.

Anyway, the full portfolio tagging system isn't working on their website, but you can find a selection of the articles here. I worked for the paper during the academic year 2015-6.

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