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I love lists, but my friends will tell you just how bad at them. I have about 10 notebooks in my wardrobe, each with a few pages full of lists that have not been completed.


Here's a random selection of things I'd highly recommend reading/listening/watching. It's not finished and I've not provided links because I hate hyperlinking. Also, if you're one of the few people reading this you're doing so on a device that requires the internet. Google is your friend.


Podcast: Maintenance Phase

Debunking diet culture with the insanely passionate and talented Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon. I love both of these people, and everyone should be listening to this podcast because diet culture is toxic and, as Hobbes and Gordon demonstrate, it can lead to real harm. Also diets don't actually work.


Book: A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

Extraordinary, compelling, short stories, each of which are connected. Time is a goon squad and this book really did destroy me. I feel a tiny bit of embarrassment as I only came across this novel after listening to a New York Fiction Podcast with Susan Choi, where she reads the first story 'Found Objects' by Egan (incidentally, I'd also recommend the New Yorker podcasts, which are available regardless of whether you have a subscription). 'Found Objects' was amazing, and I was instantly drawn to Sasha straight away. All of the stories in the collection are amazing in their individual ways, but there's something brilliant about the first one.


Music: SZA

Not much to say, other than the fact that she's amazing. Control is a fav album.


TV show: Parts Unknown

If only all food writers/personalities could have half of the com(passion), patience and generosity that the late, great Anthony Bourdain possessed. What a legend. I particularly love the episodes in Tangiers, Palestine and Mexico (the last minute of the Mexico ep is sure to reduce even the most stoic person to tears. Really brings home the devastating tragedy of the War on Drugs. 



Youtube: June Xie

What an extraordinarily talented person. Watch her videos on Delish, alternatively watch her own personal Youtube channel. Follow her on Instagram. Post Bon Apetit debacle it's important we champion those in food media from under represented backgrounds. It just so happens that June Xie is one of the most talented content makers on FoodTube. She explains things which such lucidity and patience. She's from a Chinese immigrant background, but the way she cooks is very similar to the way my family cooked food growing up (well seasoned, well prepared food, utilising spices that add flavour and substance. Nothing too fancy or unaffordable, nothing too excessive, and a waste not want not mentality). Would highly recommend this article that talks about just how brilliant she really is


Film: Nightmare Alley

I watched this at the Showroom in Sheffield and kept getting distracted by Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett's cheekbones. It's terrifying and horrifying, but all the more powerful for it. Also, as with a lot of del Toro's work there an array of ideas being explored and put forward for one's consideration. Won't spoil too much, but I found it to be stunning indictment and exploration of a society that maligns those who are deemed beyond worthy or redemption. So, so pertinent.


Food: The Street Chef (Mexican food)
Mexican Food is seriously underrated and it annoys me that there's so few independent Mexican eateries. I can't articulate in words how good this meal was. Courgette and Mushroom Mole, rice, beans, salsa, homemade and warm tortilla chips = chef's kiss









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